A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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      By 2012 people in and around the Delta finally started paying attention to some of the brief media reports about possible changes to the Delta...long after the decisions had already been made by the "stakeholders" which are the water agencies and developers outside of the Delta region who want to divert more SACRAMENTO RIVER water for resale to the highest bidders, and make the general public pay for the conveyance of that water.  There have been proposals starting in the 1880's to divert Northern California water to dry lands of Southern California.  That idea is not new.  What is new is the fact "conveyance" projects to divert more SACRAMENTO RIVER water to other areas have been built or are under construction while everyone argues about tunnels, canals, conservation and what's killing the fish.  We in the Delta  see and hear the construction projects being built at night or built as "flood protection" and "restoration studies" when it all adds up to the same thing-take more water from the Delta which will further degrade this natural Delta and run it dry of fresh water eventually.

     So what can you do to help Save the Delta? 

*  Send letters or email to your assembly person, congressperson and senators might help, even though the governor is allowing this to happen without voter approval.  Visit your county supervisor and county planner.  Make it clear you OBJECT to more water diversion from the Delta!

*  Write to your local newspapers objecting to the diversion of more Sacramento River water, and objecting to the HIGHER water rates YOU NOW PAY FOR, in anticipation of the higher costs due the the conveyance facilities being built.

*  Support efforts to promote generation of NEW local water resources instead of taking water from someone else.  Consider Metropolitian Water District, which is the big daddy of LA to San Diego water agencies, and Westlands Water District in Kern area as gigantic BULLIES that are currently trying to wrestle Delta water away from the aging farming families.  Why not put the $$ into local renewable water generation resources like desalination and a new technology called "atmospheric water generation", (pictures) which pulls moisture out of the air and stores good, clean and fresh drinking water.  Other parts of the world in deserts and on ships use the system.  So why not provide low-interest loans for homes in the desert areas of California to install these with solar pannels so that there won't be added electrical costs to the families?  Pay off the loan instead of paying a municipal water bill and from then on, you are independent of the water BULLIES!

*  Contact the TV stations that provide the weather and news and ask them why the Delta does not show up on the weather maps and why both the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River are no longer on the weather maps?  If you are from the Sacramento or Bay Area, ask the local news channels why they no longer show the bay on some maps, where's the Delta, and even when the Delta is shown, the island names have been errased.  For what reason?

*  Pay attention and ask questions when you read news stories or blogs about water flow and fish salvage in the Delta.  Use common sense.  For example, why is the state testing raising chinook salmon on Yolo Bypass lands which a few years ago were reported to have very high mercury content in the soils, which logically would get into the food chain of the endangered chinook salmon?

*   If you have the time, go to the public meetings and sign in and speak up at the public comment time of the meeting.  The more people they hear from who oppose the diversion of more Sacramento River water from the Delta, the better.

*  If you have the time and interest, do your research to understand all the different options that have been considered in the last 10 years and over the last 100 years.  Learn about water rights and land rights and define for yourself what is the best interest of the state in the long term....if you care about maintaining democratic process in this state.  The "DeltaREvision.com" portion of this web portal provides a good sourge for general and historical data on water and California history.

*  Send us a self addressed, stamped envelope and we'll send you a "Save the Delta" bumper or window sticker.  (mail address pending)

*  Buy and wear a "Save the Delta" t-shirt, available at different Delta area businesses.  The shirts are sold at cost, as a way of getting the word out that there IS a Delta in California, and it will be destroyed if more fresh Sacramento River water is allowed to be diverted.

Please check back:  page under construction 6/28/2013:  We will be adding the needed addresses and links, and also addresses for places to write to to defend the Delta!
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