A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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More Wrong Maps of the Delta      Delta Reference Maps    1  2  3-DRMS  4-wrong waterway names
Some of the maps below were used in the Wrong Maps of the Delta-Video  5-Google's Goofs
Below you will find maps from different studies about the Delta.  Click or double-click on each map to see a larger version of each.   Some of the wrong maps of the Delta are in pdf format-click on the link after reading the description of what is wrong with the map and why its important to the particular study or report that used the map.  For reference purposes, the first map links below bordered in green are for the most part correct maps of the Delta EXCEPT for the missing label for Ryer Island in the Suisun Marsh area.  Since this map is very large as a pdf, you can make it as big as you want in a seperate window to make comparing the Delta maps easier.  Note that all maps were found in public documents and it is assumed they are not copyright-please let us know if any map should be removed.  The examples below are provided with some comments and references.  Review these before going to the next series of pages showning over 100 wrong or intentionally misleading maps of the Delta, and including some wrong photos or their captions.  Many more wrong maps of the Delta.

2011 Map from the BDCP EIR/EIS draft.  Isn't it odd how the spokesperson for the BDCP, Karla N., has been to Snug Harbor, went on a boat ride along Steamboat Slough over to Cache Slough and back to Snug Harbor, went on several Delta EcoTour trips right past Snug Harbor on Steamboat Slough, and their current plan either ignores the existence of Snug Harbor or revises its name and business to be a sailboat marina.  (BDCP written description is about Hidden Harbor about 4 miles south of Snug Harbor on Steamboat Slough)  This is a quite intentional "mistake" on the BDCP drafters ... any guesses why they would do this?
If you go to the link provided on the map to the left, you can see the full size of the map...the map key says the water is the blue color (logical) but what is illogical is that most of the Delta's waterways and sloughs do not show in blue...gives the impression  there is not that much water here...perhaps the maps should be relabeled the DSC vision for the future of the Delta?
DWR wants to rewrite California navigation history...read what the publisher of California Magazine from the 1850's to 1865 has to say about what travel was like on the Sacramento River, Steamboat Slough and the San Joaquin River!
DWR has some misleading maps online in 2011.  Here's a "print screen" with notations added

"WEAP" is an interesting name for the EBMUD plan to divert more water from the Sacramento River watershed.  Some of their data seems to eliminate the upper portion of Steamboat Slough and/or Sutter Slough.  Go take a look at their website
Waterboard's map of the Delta...Where's the Sacramento Ship Channel?  The other waterways of the Delta? 
Look at the map to the left...I added the ? where McDonald Island is located, which is an underground gas storage area in the Delta.  Notice how the lines are not listed, even though they would be classified as "major" natural gas lines?
This 2011 map is supposed to show major water projects or conveyance routes....notice the DCC is missing even though the state does receive water from the DCC?
Last time we checked, neither Ryer Island or Grand Island were open waters or lakes
This one is interesting because it revises completely the pathway of "old river" Sacramento...is Isleton OK with this?
This one is just to obvious!
Interesting how this natural corridors map eliminates the historical and natural corridors of the area of the Delta where Steamboat Slough,  Sutter Slough and Miner's Slough used to wander!
By now you should be able to see what waterways are missing and which ones have been altered on this map
Notice how the waterways around Staten Island are emphasized in this map?  That is part of the CALFED 2000 Record of Decision which increases flows into the Mokelumne River by various methods...the DCC, Freeport backflow pumps, Fulsom south diversion are ways Sacramento River water can be diverted into the Mokelumne conveyance facility or "central canal" plan of the CALFED 2000 ROD.
Interesting direction for the flow of the water on Steamboat Slough and the Sacramento River...does this indicate a revision to the Sacramento River by Isleton as the other map indicated?
So many maps omit the Sacramento Ship Channel that one has to assume it is being eliminated or used for other purposes.

So when we read the reports about the plans for pre-flooding of some Delta Islands, and also read the reports from DRMS Phase 1 about which islands are not worth "saving" when the report talks about Pierson District should we assume its really about Ryer Island?  When they write about Sutter Island, is it really about Grand Island?  That plan to enlarge Clifton Court Forebay to include Coney Island...all the way up north towards Sacramento?  Is there a new Clarksburg Tract now? 

By the way, we're not confused about where places are in the Delta but the "scientists" who drafted some of the reports sure are!!!
In this 2011 map McCormack Williamson Tract looks like a lake.  As of 12/15/2011 that still is not the case but its quite clear that is the intent of the BDCP and DSC Delta Plan
Again, where's the "major" waterways of the Delta?
DWR paid at least $6 million to URS, a huge corporation that often contracts with government entities, to do the DRMS Phase 1 Report.  Ryer Island flood history was falsified or inflated by DWR or URS, which made it appear Ryer Island had flooded 3 times...it has not flooded in the last 100 years, and in particular, despite what the DRMS report says, Ryer Island did NOT flood in 1986.  There was evidence of underseepage due to the intentional flooding of Prospect Island adjacent to Ryer Island...but underseepage does not mean a flooded island unless the state plans to revise the definition of flood!  In any case, the wrong Data found in the DRMS Phase 1 report has been repeated often by scientists who are unaware that DWR did make corrections to the DRMS Phase 1 report over a year after the "final" was published.
This is an example of using different labeling and colors to convey a message that is intended to be misleading...see video review
Looks like the Sacramento Ship Channel is planned to be eliminated and Solano County lands seem to expand a bit
A more defined nature corridor map shows the Sacramento River but where is the Sacramento Ship Channel?  Cache Slough?  Steamboat Slough?
Miner's Slough and Sutter Slough and the Sacramento Ship Channel are missing in this map
2011videos/wrongmaps/Plate 2 Regional Map-usace.pdf

To the left is a map from levee studies in 2004.  Ryer Island is listed as Grand island which puts into question exactly which physical location the professor was referring to in study results.
This map is supposed to be Delta Islands (only) but it includes places not part of the "legal Delta".  It also makes up names.  There is a Delta Island named River Junction down in San Joaquin area, but there is no record of a "River Island", which is what this map calls Ryer Island next to Ro Island.

2011videos/wrongmaps/delta_vision_cover_wong_island_name.pdf  Even though advised of the problem well in advance of final publication, the Delta Vision writers did not get the cover right!
Ducks Unlimited map from 2006 doesn't name the Delta Islands, but also does not locate the Sacramento River correctly.
URS seems to have done many of the maps for DWR.  This 2004 map does not list both Ryers.  That is strange, since URS has been proposing restoration work for the Ryer Island in the Suisun Bay.
  but in the Status & Trends report the confusions of the two Ryers begin to show
2011videos/wrongmaps/1997_other_ryer_seismic_study.pdf   This study of the Ryer Island in Suisun Marsh later was quoted as applying to Ryer Island above Rio Vista

Which brings up the problem of the DRMS Phase 1 "Final" report published in 2008, corrected in March and December 2009, but it still contains incorrect data regarding individual island flood history, and inflates data by including islands outside the Delta to skew the means and averages.  The "correction" to the Ryer Island maps is misleading....go ahead, take a look:


for more info to to http://ryerisland.com
The map in this study indicated the Delta already looked this way...
Delta Vision map confuses several island locations:  Andrus and Tyler are labeled on one island; the real Andrus where there are many marinas and resorts is not labeled, and the smaller Ryer is not showing.
This flood history map is SOOOO wrong in so many ways, it will have to be added to the list of reports that apparently used DRMS incorrect data regarding flooding of Delta Islands  (the subject of a different series on the Delta)
Here's another example of a map of Delta flood history which was based on the false data from the DRMS Phase 1 report...this is Laird's report for AB 1200
Yikes!  Lots of agencies are using the incorrect Delta flood history from DRMS
Steamboat Slugh missing but the referred-to fish studies trackt the fish through Steamboat and Sutter Sloughs. 
My guess is a 5th grader who'been taught some basic math and how to do basic charts could figure out the 3 ways this map is intentionally misleading the viewer
DSC seems to be eliminating Miner's Slough, parts of Sutter Slough, opening up Elkhorn Slough and it makes changes to 7 mile sough
This map is from FEMA...they based it on the false flood data from the DRMS report, apparently.
Study tracking fish down the Sacramento River through Steamboat Slough, even though the study says Sacramento River
DWR map describing the historic Delta as freshwater, when many other DWR maps in the last few years say it was brackish...
Notice how the connection between the Sacramento River and the Mokelumnke no longer is there?  DCC is missing in the map for some reason.
The labeling on this map makes it look like there are two different Deltas
Lets take a look at some maps that list the waterways of the Delta. 
Sacramento River historically was also called "Old River" from the confluence of Cache and Steamboat Sloughs (i.e. Ida's Island-Vierra's) to the junction with the north end of Steamboat Slough.  "Old River" Sacramento kept that name until about 1920 according to county maps and records.
Steamboat Slough is considered a tributary of the Sacramento River, but in the past was called the Sacramento, West Branch, Middle Fork, and some maps show that Steamboat Slough started at the confluence with Sutter Slough.  However, since about 1870 its been called Steamboat Slough for its entire length.
San Joaquin River also had many branches.  Its been referred to as "Old River" in more receint times, which tends to confuse the unaware with past articles written about "Old River" Sacramento.
Another Artsy map, this one from Boating and Waterways, but the location of the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough are confused.
Another Ducks Unlimited map still confusing the location of the Sacramento River-that is Steamboat Slough!
The PBS review of Gold Rush days seemed to ignore the fact that Steamboat Slough was the preferred travel route to Sacramento as it was less travel time and deeper water...until the hydraulic mining practices started!
NOAA, who published the nautical charts, now lists Steamboat Slough as the Sacramento River...when did it get renamed?!
Sacramento River Watershed website shows a different path for the lower Sacramento River but does not include Steamboat Slough...not sure why.
The US Census map shows Steamboat Slough as Seven Mile Slough...which probably throws off the Census for Solano County since there's lots of families who live on Ryer Island and maybe one or two along Seven Mile Slough which is in Sacramento County.
Missing Steamboat Slough, Miners Slough, Sutter Slough
There are two islands named "Ryer" in Solano County.  The Delta Vision group was told about various map mistakes in the draft, and those were corrected EXCEPT that Ryer Island in the Suisun Marsh area was renamed "River" which might get confused with River Junction in the South end of the Delta along the San Joaquin River.  It might also explain why some of the soils, seismic and flood reports regarding Ryer Island are wrong in the DRMS studies.
Another example of wrong labeling of island names
Another example of incorrect data regarding Delta Islands
UC Berkeley is a bit confused as to where the Sacramento River is located, but its not a very accurate map in many other ways, so lets call this one an "artsy" Delta map.
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