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Answer It depends on who is counting!
Question:  How much freshwater flows from the Sacramento River into and out of the Delta, on average?
The video links below, and the slides to go with the video series, focus on how much fresh water flows into the Delta, how much is exported, and how the answers depend on who's counting.  Links to the documents referenced and many of the water flow maps are found at the following pages:  1 2 3 4
The first video looks at how fresh water info to the Delta has been measured over the years and a possible reason why the Delta Stewardship Council wants to change how Delta inflow is measured.  Use this slide set while viewing the video, if you like: waterflow_1of3.pdf   (Uploaded revised version 3-8-2012 )

Click on the graphic to the left to go to the video embeded in this website, or to go to Youtube directly, use


Note that many of the documents referenced or shown can be easily found by going to Water flow and use  and
Conveyance and Canal plans***  Issues

The second video looks at how fresh water exports are "counted" and the question comes up if we should use DWR/USBR conversion tables or USGS conversion tables as they provide different results.  Use this slide set if you like waterflow-graphics-2of3.pdf   (Uploaded Sept, revised March 8, 2012)  Click on the graphic to the left to go to Part 2 embedded in this website, or else go to Youtube at http://youtu.be/Oncu8Zoxi5c

Updated photos of the construction projects related to this video and Part 3 can be found at
Effect On North Delta prime farm lands and waterways:  Revising how Yolo Bypass Flow is counted

Click on the chart to the left (or on the pdf link below) for the data covered in this video, which shows how specific areas of the North Delta region may be impacted by the proposed new Delta Plan:  Ryer Island, Grand Island, Sutter Island and the waterways of Sutter Slough, Steamboat Slough and "Old River" Sacramento between Ida's Island and Georgiana Slough.  Click on this pdf to see the chart-its large, but it may be helpful when viewing the video.  north_delta_low_flow_effect.pdf

Summary of the effects is at the bottom of this sketch which was drawn based on a 1880 cartoon about effects of hydraulic mining and the Delta waterways.  Click on the sketch to see full size:

(uploaded 11/28/2011)
The video about revising how Yolo Bypass flow is calculated shows the monitary value gained by the proponents of that change in calculations.  Go to Yolo Bypass Big Bucks  or
What is the value of the extra Sacramento River water exported?  Answer:  $1.5 Billion per year to count Yolo Bypass flows differently, and over $8 Billion per year for the current increase of Sacramento River water exports.  ** uploaded 11/28/2011
The third video looks at the reality of net Delta outflow if the New Delta Plan is approved, and the possible impacts to the Delta and San Francisco Bay ecosystem.  Use this slide set if you like: waterflow-graphics-3of3.pdf
(uploaded September, revised November 29, 2011)
The 4th video takes another look at how fresh water exports are counted and reported, and brings up another question or conflict between the data that is reported and actual physical exports...and the value to state water contractors of "mistakes" in reporting.  Use this slide set: y_equals_exports.pdf and extra_billions_for_exports.pdf  
  Click on the thumbnails below to go to some of the documents from the slides, if you want to see the full size and reference links.  Or see the many pages of waterflow document links:
 1 2 3 4
see also the documents at
Sacramento River water flow  and
more Sacramento River waterflow documents

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