A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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Central Conveyance Plan and the "Near Term" construction of INTAKES labeled as Fish Screens, "Conjunctive Use" projects and Flood Control Projects

See also 2012-2013 Delta Construction...pages 1 and 2

     As stated in the timeline, in 1998 and again in 2000 documents with maps were produced by state agencies working  with select public/private water agencies to plan and implement the "central conveyance" canal to take more Sacramento water through the Delta for export to other areas.  The planning process and preliminary EIR/EIS documents were generated between 2000 and 2007 and have been referred to in some government reports as "building blocks" for the "preferred alternative".  Meanwhile, NORTH of the Delta, two huge new diversion facilities and at least 5 new smaller intakes similar to the Freeport one have been constructed or are currently under construction, which when added together has the potential to leave as little as 3000 cfs on the Sacramento River at the Freeport flow gage!  Perhaps this is why some current planning maps don't show a lower Sacramento River?

Updated added July 2013.  Go to the Video page to hear more about the water conveyance projects already constructed or under construction.  It appears, at best, 3000 cfs will be left to flow on the Sacramento River through the North Delta during summer months, if the water exporters get their way!
If you want to go see for yourself the water intake structures already built, but not operating yet, you can click on this map to see the general locations of the intakes, and then use Bing or Google to find the directions to each facility. 

NEW 5/3/2012

     The map to the left above shows the 2000 preferred central conveyance route, and the projects  of  the building blocks the government and water agencies hope to construct as part of the "near term" approach to "restoring" the Delta.  Photos of elements of the central canal already built are below.  To see 2012-2012 construction projects click here.  Basically much of the revised "central conveyance" route has been built, and now we find many new INTAKES (click on the map on the right, above) or water diversions of Sacramento River water have been built or are under construction as of 2012.  The Delta will not be "restored" to a freshwater tidal overflow lands area.  The central conveyance alternative will DESTROY the natural Delta ecosystems, and REPLACE the natural system with a man-engineered saltwater inland estuary.  And while the media fodder and salad bar scientists hired by water exporters (DWR) study the best way to "Fix" the Delta ecosystem, new water diversions from the Sacramento River are being built, or have been built, labeled as "intakes" and "fish screens".  Note that the fish screen projects on the Sacramento River above Sacramento replace unscreened water diversion pipes, but each project allows for ADDITIONAL water diversions not previously allotted in past diversions.  The extra diversion or "extra capacity" equates to additional water take out of the Sacramento River before the water reaches the Delta.  Look for projects like the Freeport Regional Water Project, Verona Fish Screen, Empire Tract water siphon, the water intake at Jabbon St in Sacramento, revisions to North Bay Aquaduct, Victoria Tract water siphon project, etc.  Screen prints of the projects are below, along with some photos taken onsite at the intakes.

     Some scientists involved in the project acknowledge the goal is not restoration to the Delta's past natural condition, but instead they "hope" to restore some of the "ecological function".  Note to state and scientists:  honesty is appreciated!    We are also building a "restoration wish list" page.  (Not our wishes, what the governmental agencies want to do to the Delta)   You can also see hundreds more Conveyance & Canal planning maps by going back to the Delta Maps general page at https://deltarevision.com/maps/conveyance-canals/conveyance-canals.htm

  2000 CalFed "preferred alternative" near term completion could be between 2012 and 2014 as the "building blocks" of each section of the central conveyance plan is being built as "regional projects".  Some of the project maps and links are provided below the map:  







































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