A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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Video series:  Jones Tract and Bacon Island:  The In-Delta Field Studies of 2004 leading up to the controlled flooding of Delta Islands for In-Delta water storage.  Please note that this video is NOT intended to judge, promote or stop the In-Delta storage island projects.  The sole intent is to quickly distribute information found online, point out the descrepencies in important data, and simply warn Delta neighbors that the news media may soon be portraying controlled flooding of specific Delta islands as if the levee breaks were accidental, when they were not. 
 Click in the lower right corner to enlarge the video screen box.  You can also go to Youtube directly at

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=274M7dbotEk  and you should see the video.  Sorry the video seems fuzzy.  Somehow in the upload process with Youtube the video was slightly corrupted.  It is viewable if you enlarge it to your full screen size.  If you want to see a series of website links related to In-Delta water storage and the 2004 Jones Tract Flood/Field Studies, please go to Bacon_Island_Jones_Tract_field_studies.pdf.  To see many of the documents from the last 17 years of studies leading up to the pending flooding of Delta Islands to use as small dams in the Delta, go to the 2004 planning documents and click on the highlighted "Jones Tract" links ...  A real eye opener regarding the amount of studies and amount of tax payer dollars that have gone into the "IDS" CalFED surface storage project!  If you want to quickly reviw all the different plans for CONVEYANCE of Sacramento River Water, try the Conveyance and Canal plans or the All Planning Maps page

Please note that the video author is not personally opposed to the use of excess Delta water flow for whatever purposes the state/federal agencies deem appropriate, so long as such use does not negatively impact Delta farming, landowners, families, businesses, ecological or environmental balance and navigation for the commercial and recational uses traditional of the last 150 years. 
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