A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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Summary of some basic facts: 
   California has a delta.  However, if you polled most Californians, they would not know there is a delta, and would not know where its located.  Ask yourself Why?    Most recently, the state is attempting to redefine  geological history of the Delta area by calling it the San Francisco Bay "Estuary" which implies a salt water inland area when historically the Delta was a fresh water "swamp and overflow" land mass.  Logically, if this area had been a salt water marsh in recent environmental history, it could not have been developed into the high-producing agricultural farming islands that exist today.

    According to governmental documents, the Delta provides about two third's of PORTIONS OF the states' drinking water, and more than half of the agricultural and industrial water.  Fresh water from the two main rivers of the Delta, the San Joaquin and the Sacramento, is diverted into the California aqueduct and other water transport systems to carry the water elsewhere.  More water is needed to meet the demand for an expanding population, and expanding agricultural uses of the dry lands south of the Delta, so the businesses and individuals seeking more water have been funding the studies and building of the "central conveyance"...a canal through the Delta instead of around it.  (click on the map above to go to the current status of the building of the central canal) 

At the same time, the ecosystem of the Delta appears to be crashing, as evidenced by the dramatic decline in native fish populations.  Most governmental agencies would say the Delta is in a crisis ecological situation because of the excess siphoning of fresh water away from this natural area of the state.  Most non-governmental large utility businesses or providers would say the Delta is of prime focus for future renewable resources energy and rediscovered resources for natural gas and oil.  Short summary of the water issues California's most precious asset these days is water. When you hear about water wars in California, all will agree the issues boil down to this:  Northern California has most of the water of the state and Southern California wants that water. 

     This DeltaREvision website provides links to documents posted for public viewing by the many different governmental agencies, nonprofits and the independent contractors hired to provide studies regarding different matters related to the Delta.  However, starting in 2010 and 2011 so many agencies have been posting bits and sections of various parts of the conveyance plan for the Delta that it is almost impossible to collect all the documents and post herein.  This site is more of an archivial site than a current reference to the latest plan revisions, since the plan names keep changing and the agencies responsible for the sections of the conveyance plans seem to change as well.

If you want more basic FACTS about the Delta, see the DELTA ISSUES page.  Despite what major media sources might tell you, the California Water Wars is not just a "fish vs. people" story.  Its so much more complicated.  Its a Delta farmer vs Central Valley farmer, Federal Control vs State Control, fish use vs human use,  NorCal environment vs SoCal development, Developers vs Environmentalists, Anglers vs Environmentalists, at a minimum.  Recreational boaters fit in the mix also, if waterways that are currently open to boaters become limited.   

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