A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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Our Mission:  Provide access to information for personal & educational purposes
      The purpose or mission of this website is to provide easy access to links and information regarding the various agencies and plans for the Delta.  Due to the great number of agencies and reports, each providing separate components of an overall "vision" proposed by the current state and federal administration, most interested persons would not have the time or energy to review it all, even if they could find the reports.  Yet all the reports and proposals are important to pay attention to, especially any report currently in a public comment period.  Since the governmental documents and links get changed or moved by the agencies quite frequently, this website helps to preserve the documents of the process. 
       In addition, our original intent with this website was to remain as neutral as possible on the various components of the new plans for the California Delta region, aka Sacramento Delta and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  It becomes impossible to remain neutral once you read some of the documents and analyze the truth of the matters.  However, we hope the reader come will to his or her own opinions based on the information provided by all sides of the issues, and based on facts as they become available, not based on the media-spin of mainstream news sources..  A word of caution:  since beginning this project, we've found a substantial number of reports with conflicting "facts".  We notice that reports done by/for DWR (Department of Water Resources) and/or a company called URS, under contract with DWR. inflates or deflates "facts" in several important areas.  Look at the numbers for yourselves to see what YOU think.
      The one area we do firmly state an opinion:  Current efforts and plans appear to have the goal of REVISING the Delta, not restoring it.  Restoration would include stopping all fresh water removal from the delta.  No one is proposing that most logical plan.  So words like "restore" in the maps and reports should really say either "revise" or "partial restoration" to be truthful.



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