A Look at the Delta through the years and the latest attempt to mess with Nature or Revise the Delta!

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Delta 101:  Videos and Slideshows

     Video and Slide Presentations that help you understand why the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta is so important to California, what is the current condition of the Delta in fact, who owns the islands of the Delta, who owns the water that flows through the Delta, and is the Delta really about to crumble as the media wants you to believe?  Why should you care?....because chances are if you live in California, the fresh tap water you drink came from the Delta region!  Most of the videos or slide show links are to presentations by professors or scientists focused on specific topics that answer a specific basic but important question concerning the Delta ecology.
Video Link:  (sound required) Document links for reference, if related to the specific video
What and where is the Delta, and why is it so important to California's economy and natural environment? On Youtube it is called "Sacramento Delta 101"   Youtube video made by Delta land owners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLmpVV3bq9M
or click on picture to see video
July 2013

Please open the pdf to the right, or else use the jpg link to see the full size poster.  The video link will be posted when available, but to really understand what is being built, or is already built, you can see it better from the poster than on the video.  You can also go to the "intakes and conveyance" pages to see maps, documents and agency slide shows from the planning proces of the projects.  How much flow will be left on the Sacramento River to flow through the Delta if the water exporters get their way?  Updated flow video to follow...but it appears to be no more than 3000 cfs in Summer which is a HUGE reduction in flow for the North Delta!
Delta Conveyance 1945-2012 and the proposed 2012 Delta Coalition projects to build the central conveyance canal
Video       Documents and pdfs used in video (pending upload 6/25/2013)
SF Bay impacts  (Uploaded 3/7/2012) video: SF Bay impacts to our Aquifers!   Summary of impacts to Delta and San Francisco Bay area aquifer-BDCP
Documents and maps used in video can be seen here
Video Series on Waterflow:  "It Depends on Who's Counting"  (uploaded 3/8/2012) This video series reviews the historical water flow on the Sacramento River and looks at how and why changes are being proposed, and who will benefit, who will loose if the new Delta Plans are fully enacted and built.  Linkt to waterflow video series "It Depends on Who's Counting"
Some of the videos:
Effects on North Delta water flow  ** uploaded 11/28/2011

How much fresh water flows through the Delta?  Answer:  It depends on who's counting  (see video & data)

How much fresh water is exported from the Delta?  Answer:  It depends on who's counting

What is the value of the extra Sacramento River water exported?  Answer:  $1.5 Billion per year to count Yolo Bypass flows differently, and over $8 Billion per year for the current increase of Sacramento River water exports.  ** uploaded 11/28/2011
Waterflow Documents & links used for video   -most reference docs uploaded as of 11/16/2011
Video link:  under construction  

How State Water Contractors will make at least $1.5 billion extra per year by revision of Yolo Bypass flow modeling(video)

Using computers to remodel the Delta
*new video 10/19/2011

Maps and documents used for video: Computer modeling the Delta  Also see Issues summary
Controlled Flooding in the Delta
How often do Delta levees fail?
Facts vs. media hype!  (5 15-minute videos so far)
Maps & documents regarding Delta Flood History

You might want to view some of the past flood reports for reference and then
Click: Delta1   Delta2    Delta3    Delta3b
Controlled flooding of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta

posted 3/18/2011:  Upcoming Bacon Island and other Controlled Flooding of Delta Islands
2011/Bacon_Island_Jones_Tract_field_studies.pdf (the links for
the Jones Tract and Bacon Island Controlled Flooding and field studies)
  flood timeline
CalFED summary 3/12/2011
(document update 12-4-2011)

video summarizing the changes to the project names over the last 11 years

calfed/Recent Delta History and the CALFED Record of Decision.pdf  
Documents used in CALFED summary video 2011    calfed1 documents for cf update
  Traveling on the Sacramento River and Steamboat Slough in 1850
Learn Delta basic history FAST!
A Visual history of the Delta in maps,
paintings and photos.
Maps and documents for video at: 
Historic Delta maps used in videos    timeline_delta_levee_failures.pdf
Planning maps used in videos
Reference maps used in videos
What and where is the Delta, and why is it so important to California's economy and natural environment? On Youtube it is called "Sacramento Delta 101"   Youtube video made by Delta land owners:  click on picture to see video
Is Dilution the Solution to the Pollution? http://aquadoc.typepad.com/waterwired/2009/10/video-presentation-lloyd-g-carter-on-californias-water-mess.html
The Intertie plans and the SDIP computer modeling are interesting projects to review after seeing the above video.  Since the 1990's Westside Water District, where the selenium comes from, says they retired 100,000 acres of farm land but kept the water rights from those "retired" 100,000 acres.  Guess who paid for that?
Wrong Maps and Modeling:
Garbage In, Garbage Out
Like the old Jack and Jill magazine photos, and People magazine in the last few years, here's a chance for the viewer to compare correct maps of the Delta to the planning maps generated over the last several years by California Department of Water Resources and its consultants.  If they can't even get the Delta map right, how can anyone trust the rest of their "science" done via the same modeling that created the wrong maps!
Wrong maps of the Delta pages uploaded 12/4/2011  1  2  3  video
What's the big deal about Delta Smelt and
A review of Delta ecological history Interesting UC Berkeley seminar...skip past introductions if you want
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