1906 Survey of the San Joaquin River and the islands in the area

As a continuation of the "Hall" plan for improvement of navigation and flood control in Northern California, surveys of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, and the surrounding islands, were conducted.  Island cross elevations were included in the survey, which is quite helpful when comparing the actual vs. promoted "subsidence rates" of some islands of the Delta in the 21st Century.  These maps came from a map book where each map unfolds to become very large.  Maps have to be taped where ripped, then taken to a facility that does large-format scanning.  More of the maps will be added as available:  November 2013 update:  The very large and detailed series of survey maps of the San Joaquin River were uploaded to http://www.archive.org as that website has huge data capacity and can handle the large volumes of traffic which sometimes makes this site run slowly.

1906-1908 surveys of the Sacramento River, including Steamboat Slough, and the San Joaquin River with survey of the adjourning islands  Most of the maps were scanned into pdf so they could be opened and scalable for the viewer.  (updated 4-7-17)

1906sj_survey.pdf  All the maps of this survey are now at http://www.archive.org