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Website dedicated to preserving the historical facts about the Delta Region of California
Water-related historical documents and maps: 1823-1859    1860-1879   1880-1899 
1900-1939   1940 - 1979
  1980-1989  1990-1999   2000-2014 timeline
1850-1989 Misc

Updated 4/6/17  New historic maps and documents will be added over the next month.  Also
updates of the BDCP, WaterFix, EcoRestore and other plan processes

It's about the WATER! Look at this timeline since horizontal mining or "fracking" was invented in 1998.  (In the future, whichever individuals control the water will also control California's wealth generation from oil, agriculture, boating recreation and landside developments of homes and commercial properties)

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan, combined with the Delta Plan and the revised California Water Plan as proposed is simply a WATER HEIST.  In 1960's the citizens of the this state were promised that only the "surplus" water from the north would be diverted to other areas of the state.  By 1982, SoCal farmers and developers wanted more water, but the voters said NO!  Now, in the 21st Century, state water contractors south of the Delta want to "complete" the 1965 plan but with a huge difference: they want to leave the bare minumu or "surplus" water for Northern California, and suspend the Delta and Bay in a permanent drought status-waterflow wise.  For 50 + years DWR has failed to comply with the promise to export only surplus water, with the result that the Northern California natural environment, drinking water aquifers and agricultural production has suffered along with the very startling decline in the Delta aquatic ecosystem.  There is not enough water in California to provide fracking fluid in Kern County AND also irrigate the Westlands water-thirsty crops.  There is not enough water in California to create lush green golf clubs in the dessert AND also provide drinking water to the SoCal cities.  There is not enough water in the Sacramento River to fill the proposed tunnels AND save some of the water for NorCal aquifers, cities and the amazing environment that is the Delta.
     No matter what media says, plain and simple, the function of all the actions combine to rob Northern California landowners of their water rights and land use to feed the insatiable appitites of a few lower Central Valley mega-corporate agricultural & oil  enterprises, and public water agencies.  It really does not matter if the water diversion is done via tunnels or aquaducts.  The issue is the QUANTITY of water to be diverted!  Below are some links if you care to look at some of the documents:

38,000 (so they say) pages, estimated
Or go to our own search page and you can find all the documents, BDCP public draft included, by entering keywords like "Sacramento River" or "water rights".  (Note that we do NOT receive any funding from Google but Google places ads on the page because we are using their free search engine.)

20,000 pages, estimated when including attachments and study references Delta Plan

California Water Plan update:  4 or 5 huge volumes-haven't counted pages yet
                                                                                 interesting protest sign:

Since the truth does not fit with the water contractors' long range goals, the BDPC has been based on false baselines:
- Delta levees are NOT about to fail due to earthquakes; Delta levee history was falsified, for a reason.
- Delta economic value to Northern California and the whole state has been greatly underestimated, for a reason.
- Impacts to the Delta landowners, farmers, families, businesses, navigation, recreation, fishing and natural environmet have been greatly underestimated, for a reason.
Computer modeling to estimate water flows have changed and changed again, for a reason.
- Delta history has been revised to create a false impression of the extent of riparian forests and tule fields, for a reason.
-  "Restoration" actions are proposed in the BDCP that have impacts not addressed by the BDCP, for a reason.

Please go to page 2 of the index

You've reached the hosting portal for several efforts to provide information about the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta, and different views on how to address the issues all Californians face when planning for future water use and availability.  Please click on the links below or use the side links to navigate the main educational and research website, 



Updates:   Intakes and other ongoing construction

Wrong Maps of the Delta  Focus:  Waterways

"Surplus" Water planning 1940-1979

CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS HAPPENING NOW IN THE DELTA and some photos added 2013.  Impacts to Delta Water

Land Use & Ownership-Natural Gas page
Delta conveyance planning 1945 to 2012, with proposed 2012 projects.
Delta Recreation maps, documents and Reports
 Impacts to NorCal aquifers
Delta Transportation Planning &   INTAKES  (see new INTAKES map) 
Salinity in the Delta-Historic data and the future as predicted by computer modeling 
 Other issue document sets: Elevations-Fact vs Fiction, Computer Modeling.  See also past uploads "Science Challenge" (water flow data), Survey Maps, including the Atwater maps for 1978-82.  Also see: "Wrong Maps of the Delta"

Other videos: Controlled flooding of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta

The Delta is the cornerstone
of California’s agricultural economy, the cornerstone of California’s water supply resource,an important natural causeway for many native fish species such as  salmon, the prime northern California freshwater recreation area with 700+ navigable miles of freshwater rivers and sloughs to explore from over 100 marina and camping facilities, and emerging world class wine grape production region.  The Delta and San Franciso Bay area, combined, are the cornerstone of California’s history, as the first major population areas were in the bay and the cities along the transportation routes…the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River.
 The Central Canal is already halfway dug and Statten Island and Bacon Island could easily become "In Delta Storage" facilities according to visual records:  Connect the Delta Dots report and decisions from studies reported in 2005.  Here's and interesting link and pay special notice all the reports from 2003-2005:

What is being proposed now for "near term" actions to be completed between 2010 and 2014 looks like the "Preferred Alternative" of the National Heritage Institute papers funded by Bay Area nonprofits before 2000.  (see Timeline)  There's also an interesting series of maps developed 2004-2006 showing the concept of the SoCal water districts to very quickly do a "Eco-crescent central canal" in the Delta, using gates to stop possible salt water intrusion if islands to the west happen to fail in a flood or seismic event.  In this map the "two gates" project seems more like a "5 gates" project.  Compare maps  This type of canal would split the Delta in half, east and west, and lands to the west of the central canal would be encroached by salt water, lands to the east would still have the fresh water of the Sacramento River.  So it seems the folks at Bethel Island and DiscoBay do have valid reason to voice their concerns!  Go to the 2006 documents

     We've been gathering more documents, most in pdf format, so our viewers can open and read the documents.  It appears about One Billion Dollars of the California deficit must have been spent on all these reports, studies, proposals and meetings.  So what is all this Delta talk about anyway?  ...  Simply stated, the drinking water of the state is taken mostly from the San Joaquin River and so much water is being taken out that the salt water from the San Francisco Bay is merging with the fresh water, which makes it to salty for drinking and farming without extra filtering or treatment.  So instead, some state agencies want to take the water out of the Sacramento River.  Sounds simple, but it isn't.  By taking more water out of the Sacramento River, the very productive Delta islands around the lower Sacramento River will potentially be ruined by the extra salt water that will infiltrate the Sacramento River.  There's also the complications of various fish species failing to thrive due to the water suction pumps, which suck up and kill the fish. 

     Go to INDEX 2 for older index page from 2013                                                              More to come...

Our intent with this website is to remain neutral on the various components of the new plans for the California Delta region, aka Sacramento Delta and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  Let the reader come to his or her own opinions based on the information provided by all sides of the issues. 
Please go to the Planning Maps page to see some current maps posted online regarding plans for habitat restoration areas and revised Delta recreation areas.
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Delta Vision

pending laws

Important to read!
Delta Vision Plan11/08
Senate Bill #1 (PSB 1) by Senator Simitian (8/2009)

AB 1 (AB 39 content) by Assemblyman Huffman for New Delta Plan development

SB 4 (SB 458 Content) by Senator Wolk to revise provision of the Delta Protection Act and create the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy

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       Section 3 Conservation Measures:  July 2009
Final Delta Strategic Plan Report
BDCP handout

BDCP Notice of EIR/EIS- 2/13/09



12 page summary

Restoration Plans

Ecosystem Restoration Project List and Descriptions for the Delta

Delta Protection Commission



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